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Africa Nziza Odysseys. est. 2016
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Bernard Munyanziza

An IATA Consultant with a major in International travel and Tourism. He has a background in Branded marketing, Hotels, Administration and Management. His mix of skills enables him to understand the business of Africa Nziza Odysseys from all perspectives and direct Africa Nziza Odysseys in the right direction over the coming years. Bernard’s experience in founding and successfully managing other similar start-up firms makes him perfectly placed in this position.

Bernard Munyanziza

Principal Founder & Head of Product

Bridget Tushabe

Contracting & Marketing

Bridget Tushabe

A graduate with a BA in tourism and Hospitality, Bridget joined us. After having worked with Adrift East Africa, Lake Victoria Serena Resort and Marasa Africa as an account executive. Her current role is to handle supplier contracts, social media pages and designing itineraries for special groups too.

She holds a profound passion for travelling and finds fulfillment in clients being able to have unique encounters with wildlife while on a safari with us.

Being the youngest in the team, Bridget feels proud to showcase Rwanda and Uganda off her finger tips.

Our story

Founded in Kampala in 2016, Africa Nziza Odysseys mission is to offer Magical LifExperiences to the well-traveled,discerning traveller. The one who chooses value over price and wants to immerse themselves in a place instead of ticking off a bucket list.We are for travellers who want inclusions along the way instead of fiddling for loose change

Africa Nziza Odysseys has shareholders who are born and bred in Uganda.We have hands on participation in a variety of professions and we are united by passion.

We bring over 25 years of experience equally shared as a team and an excellent reputation. At Africa Nziza Odysseys,we would like to lead an industry revolution of continually improving the quality and value of the travel industry, developing an excellent morale amongst our team and maintaining a superior level of social and environmental awareness.

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I'm a travel agent who works with tour operators and travel providers across the whole of Africa. Africa Nziza Odysseys have helped me immensely in providing a 5-star experience for my clients, who come back raving about the experience and service they provide. They value ethics and professionalism very highly, and never fail to not only live up to expectations, but go above and beyond them whenever possible. Greg Gross


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